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Emma Hine

Emma originates from Northern England. Between holding Quality Assurance roles in food manufacturing and Internal Audit roles within the National Health Service in the UK, and experience in several public sector organisations leading Internal Assurance and Audit functions since emigrating to New Zealand, Emma has over 20 years of assurance experience. She would unashamedly describe herself as a career internal auditor. She also has an academic background in Accountancy, Finance and Commerce.

Emma is sharply focused on the effectiveness of control environments that drive performance for the attainment of organisational objectives. She has a no-nonsense approach to triangulating information and pragmatically applying it to enable achievement of strategic intent.

Emma is currently Head of Assurance (Chief Audit Executive) at Oranga Tamariki, where she is a third-tier leader responsible for the organisation’s internal audit service and workplace integrity/fraud investigatory function.

Emma is passionate about internal audit and assurance and dispelling the mystique around it. She is an authentic leader dedicated to working in the public service and serving for the ‘greater good’. She is also a strong advocate for grass roots of the profession; nurturing, mentoring, and developing talent.

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