Monday 4 November 2024 

Pre-Conference Sessions 

Proudly sponsored by Deloitte

Location: Deloitte, L12, 20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

2.30 pm-3.30 pm

IIA NZ Chief Audit Executives (CAE) Forum 2024: Part 1

Master of Ceremonies: David Sinkins, Internal Audit Partner, Deloitte
Guest Speaker: Ross Tilly, IIA AU President, CIA, Reserve Bank of Australia

Session Topic: Navigating Internal Audit in Cultural Assessment: Strategies for Effective Governance

In today's dynamic business landscape, the role of Internal Audit in assessing organisational culture is paramount. This presentation explores practical strategies for Internal Audit leaders to effectively navigate cultural assessment, offering insights into methodologies, risk identification, and leveraging technology to enhance audit efficiency. By cultivating ethical cultures and integrating cultural insights into decision-making, Internal Audit can play a pivotal role in promoting organisational safeguarding and resilience, along with driving performance.

3.30 PM-3.45 PM

Event break

3.45 pm-4.30 PM

IIA NZ Chief Audit Executives (CAE) Forum 2024: Part 2 | Breakout Sessions

Session Topic: Exploring Critical Perspectives on Internal Audit Culture

Following Ross Tilly’s keynote address participants will have the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions, where they will delve deeper into specific questions related to Internal Audit culture. Each group will nominate a spokesperson to share their insights and feedback with the wider audience and panel, fostering collaborative learning and dialogue.

4.30 PM-5.00 PM

IIA NZ Chief Audit Executives (CAE) Forum 2024: Part 3 | Reflection Sessions

Session Panel: Refer to Speakers & Sessions

Session Topic: Exploring Critical Perspectives on Internal Audit Culture

In this culminating session for Chief Audit Executives (CAEs), the designated group spokesperson will provide reflections from the earlier breakout sessions. They will engage with our esteemed panel to delve into the multifaceted dimensions of Internal Audit culture. Our distinguished panellists, known for their expertise in the field, will offer diverse viewpoints and insights, addressing key questions and challenges facing Internal Audit culture today. 

Attendees can anticipate an in-depth exploration of various facets of Internal Auditing, governance, and risk management. Through this distinguished panel discussion, participants will gain valuable insights and practical takeaways to enhance their professional practice and navigate the evolving landscape of Internal Audit culture.

This forum is exclusively for Chief Audit Executives (CAE) who are IIA NZ members.

Attendees of the IIA NZ CAE Forum 2024 must be current Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) or hold equivalent senior positions, possessing extensive experience and professional qualifications such as CIA, CISA, or similar certifications. Alternatively, attendance is open to those who have participated in the IIA NZ Head of Profession mentorship forums. Candidates should demonstrate leadership in Internal Auditing, contributing significantly to the profession through innovation, advocacy, and thought leadership.

Each (CAE) IIA NZ member who attends the full conference will receive one complimentary IIA NZ CAE ticket. If a CAE IIA NZ member wishes to attend this forum without attending the conference, they can do so for $75.00 per person, subject to availability.

Monday 4 November 2024 

IIA NZ Conference 2024 Welcome Reception: Honouring Our Life Members

Ernesto's, 1 Grey Street, Wellington

5.30 PM-7.00 PM

Welcome Reception

Venue:  Ernesto's, 1 Grey Street, Wellington

Join us at the IIA NZ Welcome Reception, where conference delegates and Life Members come together in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're a local attendee or travelling from afar, this event offers the perfect opportunity to  reconnect with colleagues and forge new connections over a welcome drink and delicious platters.

Each delegate registered for the full conference will receive one Welcome Reception ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased for accompanying persons for $75.00 per person, subject to availability.

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Day One: Tuesday 5 November 2024

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Oceania Room, 55 Cable Street, Te Aro, Wellington

8.00 AM-9.00 AM

Registrations Open

Networking Opportunity
Coffee Cart
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9.00 am–9.15 am

Powhiri and Official Opening

9.15 am–10.00 am

Opening Keynote Speaker

Hon Andrew Bayly **

Member for Port Waikato, National Party Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Minister of Small Business and Manufacturing, Minister of Statistics

Session Topic: Navigating Uncertainty: Insights from a Government Lens in 2024

** Note: This speaker has received the invitation; however, due to parliamentary commitments, they are unable to confirm their attendance until closer to the conference date. If they are unable to attend or if they attend but are called away on the day of the conference, a replacement speaker will be provided.

10.00 am–10.30 am

Morning Tea and Networking 

Coffee Cart 
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10.30 AM–11.15 AM

Panel Discussion

Session Topic: Unmasking Fraud, Bribery, and Corporate Crime: Insights for Internal Auditors and Other Subject Matter Experts

Session Panel: Refer to Speakers & Sessions

This diverse panel brings together a wealth of expertise and perspectives, promising an engaging and thought-provoking session. Their topic will be guided by our subject matter expert panellists, renowned for their deep understanding of Internal Audit practices. They will provide invaluable insights into the latest trends and best practices in the field, enriching the discussion with practical knowledge and strategic guidance for Internal Auditors.

Summary: Explore the evolving landscape of fraud, bribery, and corporate crime, and the pivotal role Internal Auditors play in safeguarding organisations amidst unprecedented change. This session delves into the latest insights, trends, and challenges surrounding financial misconduct, bribery schemes, and other forms of corporate malfeasance. Discover proactive strategies and best practices that Internal Auditors can employ to detect, prevent, and mitigate fraud risks effectively. Join us as we unravel the complexities of fraud prevention and corporate crime detection, empowering Internal Auditors to protect the future of their organisations in an era of transformative change.

11.15 AM–12.00 PM

Keynote Speaker

John Ryan, Auditor General, OAG

Session Topic: From Watchdog to Weathervane – Knowing When the Wind’s Blowing the Wrong Way, and How to Change Direction

Relying solely on whether people’s behaviour is within the rules leads to “ethical fading” – an erosion of ethics that often starts at the top of an organisation and works its way down. The best strategy for a strong pro-integrity culture is to combine compliance instruments to control unethical behaviour with a pro-integrity approach to encouraging ethical behaviour.

Auditor-General John Ryan will talk about how embedding a culture of integrity can help organisations withstand any conditions.

12.00 Noon–1.00 pm

Lunch and Networking

Coffee Cart 
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1.00 PM–3.00 pm

Bite-Sized Sessions 

The Panel - Charting the Future: Strategies for Internal Auditors in Times of Change

Summary: The Panel sessions at the IIA NZ Conference 2024 offer a dynamic platform for engaging discussions and insightful perspectives on key topics shaping the future of Internal Auditing.

Session Panel: Refer to Sessions and Speakers

Each panel session comprises a diverse lineup of experts, including a facilitator. These bite-sized sessions provide attendees with the opportunity to delve into critical issues facing the profession, exchange ideas, and explore innovative approaches to address emerging challenges. With topics ranging from governance and risk management to technological advancements and industry trends, The Panel sessions promise to deliver valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of Internal Audit. 

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in these interactive sessions and gain actionable perspectives from industry leaders and experts.

1.00 pm–1.30 pm

Auditing Your Climate Footprint

Explore strategies and best practices for auditing environmental impacts and climate footprints within organisations.

1.30 pm-2.00 pm

The New Global IA Standards and Implications on the Profession

Delve into the implications of recent changes in standards for the Internal Audit profession, examining how they shape auditing practices and  methodologies.

2.00 pm–2.30 pm

Top 3 Internal Audit Values to Governance in a Fast-Moving Universe

Discover the top three values that Internal Audit brings to governance in a rapidly evolving environment, as outlined by The IIA.

2.30 pm–3.00 pm

Internal Audit: Thinking Different - A Move Towards Value-Based IA

Shift the focus from compliance to value-based Internal Auditing, exploring innovative approaches and methodologies for enhancing organisational value through Internal Audit practices.

3.00 PM-3.30 PM

Afternoon Tea and Networking

Coffee Cart  
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3.30 PM-4.15 PM

Keynote Speaker

Dr Ray Khanthaporn, Health New Zealand

Session Topic: Harnessing Data Analytics: Building Resilience for Internal Auditors in Turbulent Times: As it’s All About the Numbers!

In a world characterised by rapid change and uncertainty, Internal Auditors face increasing pressure to adapt and thrive in their roles. One crucial aspect of this adaptation is the utilisation of data analytics to enhance auditing practices and safeguard organisational futures. This session delves into the significance of data analytics in navigating the complexities of modern auditing.

From identifying emerging risks to optimising decision-making processes, the effective use of data analytics empowers Internal Auditors to anticipate challenges, drive innovation, and ensure organisational resilience in the face of unprecedented change. 

Join us as we explore why data analytics matter and how they can shape the future of Internal Auditing.

4.15 PM-5.15 PM

Day One Closing Keynote Speaker

Prof Houdini Fourie, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

Session Topic: Ethics, Cultures, Fraud and Corruption – The Unanswered Questions

Fraud and corruption in South Africa is rife and it seems that the average person has no control over what comes next. Considering the impacts of peoples’ background, social standing and culture, the paper considered the psychological processes through which learning of habits and mannerisms take place; and how it influences ethical behaviour. Valuable lessons are learnt, namely that culture, whether it being ethnical, organisational, family or religious, have a direct impact on a person’s ethical value system and subsequently on whether a person is inclined to partake in fraud and corrupt activities.

Fraud and corruption can cripple and destroy organisations and its auditors. Fraud and corruption are costly. The paper reports that it is ultimately the responsibility of executive management to manage fraud and associated risks – management must set the “Tone at the Top”. Managing ethics is costly, but ignoring it is fatal.

The question is apparently not whether fraud will occur in organisations, but rather when and that everybody must insist on doing the right thing – for the greater good.

5.15 PM-5.30 PM

Conference Reflections of Day One 

IIA NZ Conference 2024 Day One Concludes.

6.00 PM

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Closing Time.

6.00 PM-10.30 PM

IIA NZ Gala Awards Dinner 2024

Theme: A Night at the Opera: Celebrating Excellence in Internal Auditing

Wellington Opera House Stage

MC: David Sutton, Head of Auckland Consulting, KPMG New Zealand
Speaker: Souella Cumming, ONZM, FCA and Life Member, IIA NZ

Join us for an enchanting evening at the IIA NZ Gala Awards Dinner, where we will celebrate the outstanding achievements of Internal Audit professionals and those who champion our work. The prestigious IIA NZ Awards 2024 will be presented, recognising excellence across various categories including Internal Auditor of the Year, Emerging Internal Auditor of the Year, Team Excellence in Internal Auditing, and more.

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Day Two: Wednesday 6 November 2024

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Oceania Room, 55 Cable Street, Te Aro, Wellington

8.00 am–8.30 am

Registrations Open 

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8.30 AM

Welcome Back to Day Two!

8.30 am–9.30 am

Day Two Opening Keynote Speaker

Freddy Beck, PFIIA, NDIA, B.Comm, CIA, CISA, CCSA, Chief Audit Executive, Ipswich City Council, Australia.

Session Topic: Courageous Leadership: Upholding Integrity in the Face of Change

Join us as we begin Day 2 of the conference with a captivating presentation by Freddy Beck, Chief Audit Executive at Ipswich City Council. With over two decades of experience in Internal Audit leadership, Freddy exemplifies unwavering integrity and courageous leadership in the pursuit of professional excellence. Through real-life case studies and personal anecdotes, Freddy shares insights into the critical role of Internal Auditors in safeguarding organisations amidst unprecedented change.

9.30 am–10.00 am

Keynote Speaker

Maika Haupeakui, Internal Audit Consultant, Ministry of Infrastructure

Session Topic: Navigating Change: Insights from Tonga's Audit Landscape

In this session, Maika Haupeakui, Principal Auditor at the Tonga Audit Office, will provide valuable insights into the challenges and strategies involved in safeguarding the future of Internal Auditing within the unique context of Tonga. Drawing from his extensive experience working in the audit field in Tonga, Maika will discuss the specific changes and developments impacting Internal Auditors in the region. From addressing cultural and organisational challenges to embracing technological advancements, attendees will gain valuable perspectives on how Internal Auditors can effectively adapt to change while ensuring the integrity and resilience of auditing practices. Join us for an illuminating session that offers practical lessons and strategies applicable to Internal Auditors operating in diverse and dynamic environments.

10.00 am–10.30 am

Morning Tea and Networking 

Coffee Cart 
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10.30 am–12.00 pm

Group Offsite Workshops 

In this interactive session, we will explore the top 5 questions that Internal Auditors need to consider to adapt to change and safeguard New Zealand and the organisations they work in or assist.

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12.00 pm–1.00 pm

Working Lunch and Networking 

Coffee Cart
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1.00 pm–2.00pm

The Great Debate 2024

Session Topic:  Survival or Revolution: The Battle Cry of Internal Auditors in an Age of Unprecedented Turbulence

Debate Adjudicator: David Sutton, Head of Auckland Consulting, KPMG New Zealand

The "The Great Debate: Internal Auditors' Ultimate Challenge" promises an engaging and competitive event where teams will present thought-provoking arguments on the ultimate challenge for Internal Auditors. Adding an element of excitement and impartiality, David Sutton will carefully evaluate the arguments presented by each team.

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2.00 pm–2.15 pm

Awarding of the 'The Great Debate' Cup to the Victorious Team.

2.15 pm-3.15 PM

Closing Keynote Speaker

Sir Ashley Bloomfield, Professor, School of Population Health, University of Auckland

Session Topic: Adapting to Uncertainty: Embracing Simplicity in Complex Times

We live in an increasingly VUCA world; volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Leaders in turn need to be agile and adaptable,  which requires different leadership behaviours and approaches than in the past. Drawing on his experience leading health care  organisations and the health system, including during periods of significant change and uncertainty, Sir Ashley will speak about how to lead effectively now and in future.

3.15 PM-3.30 PM

IIA NZ Chair Closing Remarks

IIA NZ Conference 2024 Concludes.

Speakers & Sessions

Prof Houdini Fourie

Ross Tilly

Souella Cumming

Freddy Beck

Maika Haupeakui

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