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Conference Day Two: Wednesday 6 November
8.30 am-9.30 am

Day Two Opening Keynote Speaker

Freddy Beck, PFIIA, NDIA, B.Comm, CIA, CISA, CCSA

Chief Audit Executive, Ipswich City Council, Australia

Freddy Beck epitomises the pinnacle of professional excellence and unwavering integrity within the realm of Internal Audit. With a wealth of experience spanning Australia and South Africa, he has held distinguished roles as a chief audit executive for over two decades, spearheading Internal Audit functions in multifaceted organisational landscapes.

Recognised with the esteemed Bob McDonald Award by the IIA-Australia, Freddy's commitment to fostering talent and nurturing the next generation of Internal Audit leaders is unparalleled. His mentorship has propelled numerous aspiring auditors to senior positions, contributing to the advancement of the profession.

A captivating presenter, Freddy's repertoire often features gripping case studies drawn from his extensive experience, illustrating his steadfast resolve to uncover and combat corruption. His notable achievements include playing a pivotal role in the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland's Operation Windage, where his leadership led to the exposure and prosecution of individuals involved in criminal activities within Ipswich City Council.

Freddy's unwavering courage and adherence to ethical principles, as outlined in Internal Audit standards, serve as a guiding light for professionals navigating complex and challenging environments. His exemplary conduct underscores the indispensable role of Internal Audit in upholding integrity and accountability across organisations.

Session Topic:

Courageous Leadership: Upholding Integrity in the Face of Change

Join us as we begin Day 2 of the conference with a captivating presentation by Freddy Beck, Chief Audit Executive at Ipswich City Council. With over two decades of experience in Internal Audit leadership, Freddy exemplifies unwavering integrity and courageous leadership in the pursuit of professional excellence. Through real-life case studies and personal anecdotes, Freddy shares insights into the critical role of Internal Auditors in safeguarding organisations amidst unprecedented change. 

Case Study: Operation Windage was initiated by the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland (CCCQ) to investigate allegations of corruption within the council. Through extensive internal investigations and collaboration with law enforcement agencies, Freddy and his team helped uncover evidence of misconduct, leading to criminal charges against sixteen individuals, including senior employees and mayors. Freddy's leadership and assistance were acknowledged by the CCCQ Chair, highlighting the importance of Internal Audit in combating corruption and upholding integrity within public institutions.

Operation Windage serves as a case study illustrating the pivotal role of Internal Audit in safeguarding transparency and accountability, while emphasising the need for strong ethical leadership in combating corruption.

Don't miss this inspiring session on courageous leadership and ethical conduct in the ever-evolving landscape of Internal Audit.

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