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Conference Day One: Tuesday 5 November
3.30 pm-4.15 pm

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ray Rewat Khanthaporn

Health New Zealand 

Dr. Ray Rewat Khanthaporn is a data analyst in the Audit and Assurance Group at Health New Zealand. He holds a fully funded Ph.D. in applied statistics with a focus on data analytics from AUT in 2023. Additionally, he has earned two master's degrees - MSC in financial mathematics with distinction and master’s in economics - as well as a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics. His expertise lies in time series analysis, data mining, multivariate analysis, Bayesian statistics, Bayesian machine learning, and optimisation. Before joining Health New Zealand, he gained a diverse range of experiences, including work in academia and research as a lecturer and researcher, as well as in the financial industry as a pricing analyst and software developer.

Session Topic:

Harnessing Data Analytics: Building Resilience for Internal Auditors in Turbulent Times: As It’s All About the Numbers!

In a world characterised by rapid change and uncertainty, Internal Auditors face increasing pressure to adapt and thrive in their roles. One crucial aspect of this adaptation is the utilisation of data analytics to enhance auditing practices and safeguard organisational futures. This session delves into the significance of data analytics in navigating the complexities of modern auditing.

From identifying emerging risks to optimising decision-making processes, the effective use of data analytics empowers Internal Auditors to anticipate challenges, drive innovation, and ensure organisational resilience in the face of unprecedented change. 

Join us as we explore why data analytics matter and how they can shape the future of Internal Auditing.

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Speakers & Sessions

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