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Conference Day One: Tuesday 5 November
6.30 pm-10.30 pm

IIA NZ Gala Awards Dinner 2024 MC

David Sutton

Head of Auckland Consulting, KPMG New Zealand

David is a Partner at KPMG leading the Auckland Consulting division and specialises in Governance and Risk. He is a Fellow member of Chartered Accountants Australia and NZ, Life member of the Institute of Internal Auditors of New Zealand and was New Zealand Internal Auditor of the Year in 2011. 

Having worked extensively overseas with Shell Corporation and Microsoft Corp, David currently works with a wide range of Boards and organisations in an advisory capacity across a number of sectors, and from a governance perspective has held a number of Director roles. Before KPMG, David led the Risk, Internal Audit, and Compliance teams at Telecom for five years reporting directly to the Board and prior to that, in a similar role with Fisher & Paykel Appliances where he was also the secretary to the Audit & Risk Committee.

David is a key facilitator for the Institute of Directors and supports the Audit & Risk Committees Course and Risk Essentials.

Session Topic:

Session Adjudicator: Great Debate 2024: Survival or Revolution: The Battle Cry of Internal Auditors in an Age of Unprecedented Turbulence

The "The Great Debate: Internal Auditors' Ultimate Challenge" promises an engaging and competitive event where teams will present thought-provoking arguments on the ultimate challenge for Internal Auditors. Adding an element of excitement and impartiality, David Sutton will carefully evaluate the arguments presented by each team.

Two teams, each comprising seasoned professionals and thought leaders in the field of Internal Auditing, will engage in a riveting debate on the topic: "Survival or Revolution: The Battle Cry of Internal Auditors in an Age of Unprecedented Turbulence." One team will argue for the necessity of adaptability and evolution in the face of changing landscapes, advocating for revolutionary approaches to Internal Audit practices. The opposing team will champion the importance of staying true to traditional Internal Audit principles while navigating through turbulent times, emphasising survival strategies grounded in resilience and steadfastness. The clash of ideas promises to be thought-provoking and enlightening, offering valuable insights into the role of Internal Auditors amidst dynamic and uncertain environments.

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